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VOD Still- Complete Pressing! 6 Records Set PLUS an unsigned Test Pressing and LTD Edition Print!!!

Dignified Bastard, Inc

Sold out.

For the super collector and fan, we offer this special opportunity to buy every vinyl version produced for this 20th anniversary edition at a special price. Thanks for the support!!


20 years after the stunning 1995 debut record release by Long Island's Vision Of Disorder (VOD), this beautiful re-issue is coming straight for your face! A classic moment in time from the NYHC scene that went on to inspire a generation in the metal world. Every non test pressing record includes a lyric sheet,  an MP3 download card for the complete 7 song EP, and is shrink-wrapped. We kept all the packaging, liner notes, and everything the way it was to preserve the moment in time.  Brief liner notes by Kevin Gill.



You get:

-One of 100 "Revelation Gold Vinyl" 

-One of 100 black vinyl  

-One of 200 Bone White Vinyl with Aqua Blue "Haze" Vinyl

-One of 200 Orange Crush/Aqua Blue "A Side/B Side" Vinyl

-One of 200 Cyan Blue/Coke Bottle Green "A Side/Bside" Vinyl with Black Splatter!

-One of 200 Grey Vinyl with Aqua Blue, Halloween Orange, and Black Splatter!



SEVEN Records Total, Plus 2 limited edition double sided cover reproductions, and our gratitude.




Side A

1) Through My Eyes

2) Choke

3) Beneath The Green

4) Watch Out


Side B:

5) D.T.O.

6) No Regret

7) Formula For Failure 




Please know, this money, and all money from the sales of this record and digital release goes towards paying for the band, the pressing, packaging, and etc. Let us break even at least, so we can do this again with another NYHC classic!! Support the underground, and pay it forward!


Records are pressed at an epic pressing plant in Europe by Pirates Press Records: (Same place where District 9 South Bronx Memoirs was pressed) not to mention all your favorite Old Firm Casuals, Rancid, Cocksparrer, and Candiria records are pressed!




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