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We dove deep into the SFT vaults, past the custom SFT/NWO Hulk Hogan someone made us, and found a time capsule. Preserved perfectly among old flyers and photographs was a small box of NYHC Documentary soundtracks that were released in 1996!!!  So we're making them available in extremely limited quantities.



Track listing
Crown of Thornz - Juggernaut
25 ta Life - Da Lowdown
Kevin Gill of SFT Records (interview dialogue)
Vision of Disorder - Suffer
Virginia (interview dialogue)
District 9 - Fool
Freddy Madball (interview dialogue)
Madball - New York City
Rasaraja dasa of 108 (interview dialogue)
108 - Solitary
Vinnie & Dean of NRSV (interview dialogue)
No Redeeming Social Value - New 64
Myke & Todd of Distcict 9 (interview dialogue)
District 9 - Victim
Rick ta Life (interview dialogue)
25 ta Life - Separate Ways
John Joseph of the Cro-Mags (interview dialogue)
108 - Holyname
Tim & Brendan of Vision of Disorder (interview dialogue)
Vision of Disorder - Formula for Failure
Roger Miret of Agnostic Front (interview dialogue)
Madball - It's Time
Madball - Crucified (with Roger Miret on Vocals)
Dean & Vinnie of NRSV with Chris of In Effect Magazine (interview dialogue)
No Redeeming Social Value - No Regrets
Tim Williams, Matt Baumbach, Mike Kennedy & Mike Fleischmann of Vision of Disorder (interview dialogue)
Vision of Disorder - D.T.O.
Ezec of Crown of Thornz (interview dialogue)
Crown of Thornz - Crown of Thornz

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